A poem: In memory of June 4, 1989

A poem: In memory of June 4, 1989

In memory of June 4, 1989,

When brave hearts stood, voices aligned.

In Tian'anmen Square, dreams took flight,

Amidst struggles for freedom's light.

Young souls taken, tortured, and slain,

Their sacrifice for democracy not in vain.

For the chance of a future, they paid the cost,

Their bravery, a legacy, never to be lost.

The elder and learned, their life's work erased,

Silenced, disappeared, their wisdom misplaced.

But their spirit endures, their message clear,

Their light still shines, refusing to disappear.

Miles Guo, behind bars, unwavering still,

A symbol of hope, an indomitable will.

Together we strive, for a meaningful fight,

To honor sacrifice, seeking justice's height.

Their light persists, in the darkest of night,

Guiding us forward, shining ever bright.