Why "American Ignorance" is the Best CCP Propaganda Trick, and Why it Works

Why "American Ignorance" is the Best CCP Propaganda Trick, and Why it Works
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Originally publish on 27 AUG 2020 on Stand with Freedom Blogger

It’s 2020

So far this year, the U.S. has seen millions of people demonstrating support of black lives, has had multiple articles published about the rising tensions caused by “political correctness,” and had an attempt to oust the current President because of his “racist” inclinations. In addition, in recent years performing and visual art attendance has increased³ and a higher focus towards art and culture in schools has been implemented. If you asked the average American, they would probably consider themselves informed on important matters affecting the world today. Yet, there are other governments, such as in China, consistently defining Americans as ignorant and selfish, and not many choose to question it. Why is such a statement, which Americans would find mostly untrue, working to deceive others so easily, especially when something like being culturally aware and racially accepting is the apex of every conversation from American pop culture to political debates?

Image Source: Eric Drooker (www.drooker.com)

Most people nowadays are aware of the Black Lives Matter Movement, and some of their accomplishments: from getting a street and plaza renamed to involving 500,000 people in protests all over the U.S. during the COVID-19 outbreak. Today, protests are still raging in Chicago, Portland, and New York, with no resolution on the horizon. Race and culture have been on a sliding spectrum from racist, culturally appropriating and stereotypical to supportive and culturally aware. It’s a slippery slope for many, and news sources are quick to feed anyone to the wolves if they slip too far into a racist or insensitive sentiment. Hopefully in the future, we all learn to not take everything seriously, but it’s safe to say that tensions are at all time high about whether something is “politically correct” or not, as most Americans want to be supportive and not be mistaken for ignorant.

Image Source: “China-US relations at ‘critically important’ stage: Xi to Trump” by Orissa Post

On the other side of the world, you have the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that has stated the U.S. is more ignorant than ever. In a recent article, state-media accused the U.S. population of being swept up by a new “Red Scare” fear-mongering and are unable to make “informed decisions” about China, especially, because they “don't study Chinese and don't know about China.” Rhetoric like this is quite common from the CCP, and with tensions escalating between the U.S. and China since the commencement of the trade war, there has been a steady increase of it on both television and radio all over the country.

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Now, to be fair, the U.S. has been ignorant about China for some time now. In Brigadier General Robert Spalding (U.S. Air force, Retired)’s book Stealth War: How China Took Over While America's Elite Slept, it goes in-depth about how a blind eye has been turned to many CCP issues, such as how they have advanced their military by stealing U.S. intellectual property and have infiltrated our science laboratories. The U.S has also been ignoring the gross human rights violations occurring in Xinjiang against the Uighurs (including sterilizing woman and performing forced abortions, child abuse, and live organ harvesting), the spyware installed in Huawei devices and on Chinese apps like TikTok and Wechat, and how, although done quietly, CCP members have been systematically buying mass amounts of U.S. property and have acquired more than billions in assets from the U.S. since 2002. Only earlier this year were the funds from the Thrift Savings Plan limited from being invested into Chinese companies.

Image Source: zhang kaiyv by Pixabay

As a reminder, this is the Chinese Communist Party we are talking about, meaning they own a percentage of every Chinese business. So, where does this percentage of revenue go that the CCP is entitled to? It’s difficult to say, but something to consider is that in 2018, China’s Defense Budget had increased 850% from the previous 20 years (an increase from $20 billion to $170 billion according to China) and in 2020 it is now at $178.2 billion. How can a country support that kind of increase in their budget without a newly tapped source of funds? Where could the funds be coming from? To clarify, the CCP has a lot to gain if the U.S. remains ignorant about what they are doing so they can continue with profiting off U.S. citizens and the economy. A combination of tactics is used to keep the Americans from understanding the CCP’s true intentions: controlling information from leaving their country (like how they kept information about the Wuhan Novel Coronavirus from the rest of the world in an act of blatantly allowing spread) and attempting to silent all individuals speaking out against them. American’s must also understand that a government does not equal a country and its people; it can actually do many things the people do not approve of, especially in non-democratic nations.

So the question is, are Americans as ignorant as the CCP says? The CCP has both directly and indirectly threatened the integrity and safety of all world citizens: normally these consequences would be immense to bear. The U.S., which has been reported as being at one of its most divided times, will need to unite citizens to encourage freedom and understanding, like the Hongkongese who have recently come under attack by the CCP, like Apple Daily owner Jimmy Lai, due to the new Hong Kong National Security Law. Despite the increasing danger, protesters are still making five clear demands to the government so that Hong Kong citizens are entitled to the same democracy the U.S. has and is meant to upload.

We are living in a time where information has never flowed more freely (except in countries where they censor, like China) and Americans are learning how to make more informed decisions than ever. They have proven they want to support people of all backgrounds, cultures, and creeds. However, if there is a government easily convincing 1.6 billion people or more that Americans are ignorant and uncultured, can they really say that they are succeeding in creating change? This question can only be answered with action: to improve the U.S. through peace, to eliminate the threats to essential values like Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression, and to better our lives with happiness and sincerity. This is our fight, too.

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引言 錢和區塊鏈技術相互交織,持續塑造著我們的世界。2023年5月成為一個值得關注的月份,其發展事件凸顯了這些領域的重要性。通過探索這段期間的發展,我們可以更深入地了解它們對全球舞台的影響以及對未來的影響。 第一共和銀行的被查封及其連鎖反應 2023年5月1日,第一銀行被查封並以低價出售給摩根大通,這一事件震動了金融界。此事件凸顯了傳統銀行機構的脆弱性,並提醒人們需要提供增強安全性和去中心化控制資產的替代金融系統的必要性。 區塊鏈技術以其不可修改和透明的賬本,有可能通過為金融交易提供一個安全和高效的平台來解決這些問題。這一事件強調了人們對區塊鏈作為革新金融業和減輕與中心化銀行系統相關的風險的一種手段的興趣日益濃厚。 資料來源: AP News - "First Republic Bank seized, sold in fire sale to JPMorgan" [2023年5月1日] 中國的擴展事業 中國與沙特阿美和公共投資基金(PIF)合作在沙特阿美建立一家合資企業建造鋼鐵廠,展示了中國在全球產業中日益增長的影響力。這一合作代表著中國不斷增長的經濟實力以及其在全

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簡介 2019年的香港(反送中運動)抗議活動引起了全球的關注,市民和支持者以前所未有的數量走上街頭表達關切,爭取權益。六月份發生的事件在塑造運動軌跡上起到了關鍵作用。在這篇文章中,我們將一一深入探討六月份舉行的重要抗議活動,突出它們的重要性以及對香港和世界的影響。 六月九日抗議:數百萬人集會反對引渡法案 六月九日,大約一百萬香港市民走上街頭,表達對提議引渡法案的反對意見。該法案將允許引渡香港公民到中國內地,引發了對香港自治及一國两政的侵蝕和市民享有自由的擔憂。這場和平示威活動標誌著公眾不滿情緒的浪潮,並引發了更大規模的運動,要求撤回這一法案。 六月十二日抗議:衝擊立法會大樓 六月十二日的抗議活動採取了更具對抗性的方式,抗議者與警方在立法會大樓外發生衝突。成千上萬的人聚集在一起,阻止法案進行第二次審議,當天的緊張局勢不斷升級。隨著衝突的加劇,抗議者衝入立法會大樓,標誌著抗議運動的重大升級。混亂場面和與催淚煙的衝突成為香港市民堅毅和沮喪情緒的象徵。 六月十六日抗議:兩百萬人要求撤回 六月十六日,大約兩百萬抗議者湧入香港街頭,超越了之前的示威規模和重要性。這場大規模的集會

By Pistachiomygod